Alex Nye Art

Alex Nye, an introduction

A family of experimentalists. His father, Peter, is an environmental conservation biologist noted for pioneering the restoration of the Bald Eagle population in New York State. His mother and older brother are also scientists. So, yes, it would be easy to ask if young Alex fell into the margin of family heretic. His deal is visual, even romantic. And dad could as easily been cast as an eminent environmental artist and lover of nature. Gladly, creative types recognize the same. So out from the distant upstate New York woodlands and off to SUNY New Paltz University for a degree in Fine Arts, Alex found his path to the digital sea.

Light, filmmaking, photography. Magic realism. Are we fixed on a single perspective? Photography has at it’s roots the possibility of fiddling with the “moment”. We are far from exhausting it. Time has been cornered, arrested, interrogated, protracted, compressed, lapsed, danced-across-the-screen, and sometimes flung by the roadside to dash away. Time is to photography as music is to film. It’s the beat.

Alex is interested in very long beats. Dawn to midnight sessions. A broad stage of light drawn across time, rendered in a single image. His obsession is to stay and do this very well; in nature, cities, architecture.

At 26 he’s had some great shows (thank you) some cool awards (thank you), got collected by the Hyde Museum (wow) and now lives on the other side in Santa Barbara, California with two feisty felines and his brilliant girlfriend, Erin, a (UCSB) PhD student in chemistry. (Really!)

- M V O