Alex Nye Art

I am interested in presenting the world in unfamiliar ways by creating alternate realities. Either by positioning the camera from unusual perspectives, or by exploring techniques that are unique to the process of photography, such as time lapse, long exposure, and compositing elements from both.

“4D” is what I’ve named a digital manipulation process in which I blend hundreds of exposures from different times of day into one surreal composite. This technique enables viewers to visualize the fourth dimension compressed into a two-dimensional image. By photographing the same scene as it changes I am able to study the effects of time and selectively blend light and other elements together. The result is a fusion of natural and artificial light that could never simultaneously coexist, creating a completely unique and unfamiliar image. There’s a reason these 4D images look unnatural… they should. The camera has the exclusive ability to capture life over an extended period of time and compress it into one permanent still picture, a vision that could never be produced by the human eye. This suggests that what we see as humans may not be the only reality, a concept that leads one to consider what other “surreal” phenomenon could exist in front of us that our eyes are unable to perceive.