Alex Nye Art

To create a 4D photo composite, I’ll return to the same location at different times of day when the light has changed most dramatically. In order for all the photos to become aligned with each other in post, the perspective must be replicated perfectly every time I recreate the shot. Every technical aspect of the camera setup needs to be documented, from the tripod height and leg placement, the lens used, its focal distance and depth of field, as well as the exact angle and crop of the frame. The smallest misalignments when recreating the shot can often ruin the possibility of blending it later. Despite taking days of planning, the shooting process hardly even compares to editing. Once brought into photoshop I will create up to 50 Gb files with hundreds and sometimes thousands of images imported as layers. From there I begin choosing which pieces to include in the larger composite and how things get blended together. I’ll spend over 30 hours manually aligning and blending these layers into one original 4D composite.